Tom Jeffries

Home Based Business Opportunities


At Intelligent Business Transfer we have seen many successful home based businesses. There are many benefits of running a home-based business including:

  • Allowing you to work flexible hours
  • Save money on rent of an office space
  • Avoiding the dreaded commute to and from work in busy rush hour

Depending on what sort of business you are running, you can decide whether to scale up or scale down quickly, it allows you to hire more people or fewer people, work longer hours or shorter hours. If you are a working mum and you have the challenge of juggling children and a busy career, having an online business such as an online fashion retailer could be a huge opportunity. Your best option could be buying an established and profitable business. Take a look at our vintage and contemporary online fashion retailer “Theatre of Fashion.”

There is also the option of expanding and having both a website and a retail shop, if you want the best of both worlds. Working from home on the website and employing staff for the shop is a great way to expand your business. If this is something you would consider an established business with an existing customer base may be your big opportunity, this supplement retailer and website could be yours.

If you have an interest and passion for information technology, online business management software could be an option; established software that is suitable for any business type and has a huge business potential. The business can be easily run from home and can be developed and grown, with a quick return investment.

As a business transfer agents we are seeing growing home businesses making full use of technology and communications to generate income without business owners leaving their home. Being able to build a business around family life and reduce overheads is huge advantage.