Tom Jeffries

Small Business Expectations for 2015


In today’s society there are many options for small businesses and 2015 is proving to open a lot more doors. Trends will continue to expand and more and more people will gravitate towards small businesses. The UK economy is gradually becoming stronger and stronger from the help of small businesses, from independent coffee shops to florists.

Business ideas

There are many small business ideas for 2015 that can be both from home and office setting that could make you success in the New Year:

● Continuing the biggest trend of 2014, E-commerce will continue to grow. Buying an online business can be a perfect way to create income and work from the comfort of your own home.

● Following your passion is one of the most important steps in owning a business. Over the year we have identified this factor as a significant part to small businesses success rate. Being interested in what your selling can really help achieve growth.

Trends to follow

We have identified many trends that will impact any small business next year, so keep your eye on them as you develop and grow your small business:

Social media will continue to encourage consumer spending. In 2015 small business can expect Twitter and Facebook to drive purchases, using the ‘buy’ button, customers can purchase right away. This is a huge advantage as small business can attach revenue metrics to the social media messages; also it can encourage impulse buying.

Friends influence each other. When your peers post about the latest product or services online, it’s hard to ignore, these peer’s purchasing habits are expected to increase in 2015. Especially with the Milliennials generation, 68% of them are likely to purchase something after seeing their peers post about it.

Content marketing will remain an important tool. This is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business; you can reach customers without aggressively selling to them. This can be a time consuming task, but in 2015 take time to do this, determine how this might benefit your business.

Images on social media will influence buying habits. Leveraging image-based social media platforms such as Instagram is a powerful way to influence customers. Being able to show customers your products and services through pictures and videos. Instagram also allows businesses to use targeted metrics, like age, gender and geographic location.

Support in 2015

The importance of small and micro business to the economy has never been greater and everyone is realising this. The government are putting small businesses at the heart of policymaking and plan to create a long-term plan for business support. 2015 looks bright for small businesses, with an environment being created, which encourages and supports start-ups and the growth of small businesses. Issues with the finance system will be battled, to create a more competitive, dynamic market to meet small firm’s financial needs. The government plan to support a more entrepreneurial culture, with larger firms helping small independent counterparts.

Talks of business rates being reduced and more small business finance schemes being put in place will also help support the SMEs that plan growth and success in 2015. Good Luck!